Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to become a member of NARSSA and obtain the RSSA credential?
There are two levels of membership: Associate and Registered. Associate membership in our organization is open to all professional advisors that seek to learn more about Social Security and Medicare rules that impact their current or prospective clients. Professional advisors are primarily licensed investment advisors, insurance agents, CPAs, lawyers, estate and financial planners, Enrolled Agents and other tax professionals that already have demonstrated extensive experience advising clients on financial related issues. Associate membership is provided free to all professionals that sign up to take the 5-course self-study RSSA Program. Associate Members have one year to complete the program or they must renew their associate membership. After passing all five self-study modules, Associate Members are entitled to sit for the RSSA Final Exam which includes case studies and use of online software. Upon passing this exam they become Registered Members and may use the RSSA credential. Associate and Registered Members must agree to observe the NARSSA Code of Professional Conduct. They may be expelled, suspended, or disciplined if he or she violates any of the code of ethics, state laws or federal laws in the country that the member practices. Registered Members must fulfill the annual 4 hours of continuing education as required to maintain their membership and right to use the RSSA credential after their name and on their letterhead.
Can I obtain the RSSA certification if I live outside the United States?
Yes, even if you live outside the United States you may sign up as an Associate Member, take the courses and upon passing the final exam will be entitled to use the RSSA credential.
What can I do if I still have questions about your organization and becoming an RSSA?
Submit your questions on the Contact NARSSA page, and we will do our best to answer your questions.