Firm Element CE for Broker-Dealers

Firm Element CE Category: Senior Investors

The National Association of Registered Social Security Analysts (NARSSA) is listed in the FINRA Compliance Vendor Directory. NARSSA provides investment advisers, representatives and financial professionals with an online educational platform dedicated to Social Security education and training. Our program is approved for CE by the CFP Board for Certified Financial Planners, by NASBA for the CPA profession, and by the Internal Revenue Service for Enrolled Agents and other tax return preparers. We also provide firms and organizations with on-site Social Security training and seminars to support their Firm Element initiatives.

We believe effective education will help ensure that the financial needs of a growing senior population are being met by brokers, investment advisers and others in the financial services industry. Our online platform provides advisers with a five-course online curriculum which is a prerequisite for taking our online proctored exam to obtain the RSSA credential as a Registered Social Security Analyst that have continuing education requirements.

NARSSA complies with FINRA Regulatory Notice 11-52 regarding the use of senior designations, with the adoption of practices and procedures outlining designation standards and supervision which include a rigorous curriculum, an emphasis on ethics, continuing education requirements, a method for determining the Registered Member's status regarding his or her RSSA designation and a public disciplinary process.

The NARSSA's RSSA credential is included in the FINRA Professional Designations Database. Please note that FINRA does not approve or endorse any professional credential or designation. See

Under Regulatory Notice 18-26, FINRA recently requested comments on enhancements under consideration by the Securities Industry/Regulatory Council on Continuing Education. To view NARSSA's comments submitted, go to

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