RSSA Roadmap

Social Security Optimization Software

For Use by Professionals, Teams & Enterprise

Handle the most complex Social Security analyses and be positioned to help your clients uncover their optimal claiming strategy to increase their lifetime benefits

Revolutionizes Social Security planning

Offers an unparalleled, cutting-edge solution designed to optimize benefits for a diverse range of users. Tailored for use by enterprises, institutions, teams, and professionals alike, it stands as a unique and versatile tool in the financial planning arsenal. With its ease of use, advanced analytics, benefit heatmap, and customizable planning features, this software empowers users to make informed decisions, maximize Social Security benefits, and achieve financial security with confidence.

Includes Lead Generation & Marketing Solutions

Offers comprehensive strategies and tools designed to enhance lead generation and marketing efforts for professionals in the financial industry, leveraging our presentations, scripts, and software that integrate with digital marketing techniques to drive business growth.

Includes Dedicated Support

Ensures you receive tailored assistance through direct access to experienced professionals, offering support in education and Social Security knowledge, software utilization, strategy implementation, and addressing complex Social Security planning needs to maximize benefits.

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Features That Empower You

RSSA Roadmap Heatmap
Navigate the myriad of filing options with ease, finding the path that's right for you.
Tax Calculator, Break-Even Calculator & PIA Calculator
Understand the financial implications of your claiming decisions.
Powerful Reporting & Social Security Support
Get clear, actionable insights tailored to your circumstances.
Cloud-Based Software
Access your personalized roadmap anytime, anywhere.

Software Features

  • Unlimited Client Accounts
  • Unlimited Scenarios
  • Benefit Heatmap
  • Efficient Client Onboarding
  • PIA Calculator
  • Break-Even Calculator
  • Social Security Tax Calculator
  • Shareable Client Reports
  • Live Support
  • Lead Generation & Marketing Integration
  • Cloud-Based Software
  • Integrates with

Unlocking Growth for Advisors, Institutions, PEOs, FMO/IMOs, Credit Unions, Brokers, Carriers & More

Teams & Enterprise
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