Social Security Benefits, Finances & Policy Options

This course provides factual background about Social Security, its benefits and finances, and some policy options to improve the program.

The course was created by the National Academy of Social Insurance in September 2021 with supplementary information added by the National Association of Registered Social Security Analysts in December 2021. The Academy's income security staff ensures that the data in the course are up to date to reflect the estimates of the 2021 Trustees Report.

Topics covered include:
What is Social Security?
The financial outlook
Can we afford Social Security in the future?
Strengthening Social Security

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:
Choose from a list who receives Social Security.
Select what the amount of typical Social Security benefits is.
Compare how benefits compare to earnings for retirees at different wage levels.
Choose the correct sources of income into the Social Security program.
Estimate how many older Americans receive employer-sponsored pensions.
Evaluate how Social Security retirement benefits are projected to change in the future.
Recall what Social Security disability insurance is.
Evaluate options to strengthen Social Security in the future.
Compare possible revenue enhancements to balance Social Security.
Select the correct opinions of American workers about Social Security.

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