Social Security & Self-Employment

As a self-employed RSSA, you have the opportunity to offer Social Security education, analyses and advice to all workers approaching retirement age, whether they are employed by a company and receiving a paycheck or are also self-employed and running their own business.

These other self-employed individuals can gain a unique understanding from you providing a Social Security analysis that incorporates an evaluation of the self-employment taxes they will pay on any future earnings. Your ability to help these self-employed workers, who may still be a decade or more away from filing for Social Security benefits, opens up a significant pool of prospects for your services.

Chapter 1 of this course will review a number of self-employed business structures and details on self-employment taxes and earnings. Chapter 2 is focused on Social Security benefits for the self-employed, how individuals qualify, how the benefits are calculated, and special rules that apply if collecting benefits early while still working. Chapter 3 is focused on you as a RSSA working with self-employed clients and is illustrated using two case studies to examine various earnings, compared to the resulting Social Security benefit increases and self-employment taxes paid.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:
Differentiate between various business structures.
Identify the two components and percentage amounts of the self-employment tax.
Recall how the self-employment tax is calculated.
Specify details about the self-employment tax and deductions.
Choose the factors that affect a self-employed individual's retirement decisions.
Using case examples, recognize the costs versus benefits of self-employment taxes paid compared to future Social Security benefits.

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